Episode 33: Box Set

/ August 21, 2018/ Barenaked ABCs/ 0 comments

Tonight we discuss “Box Set” with some Canadians, the men from Monster Squad Minute. So, this isn’t my best intro.  Are you wanting me to go back and do my greatest intro?  Is that all you want?  I can’t be my best all the time.  Some of these are just going to be mediocre.  Hopefully, some day another label will buy us and then our intros will be written by them.  In a few weeks, we’ll only be discussing a demo song.  How much do you think I’ll have to say on that one?  This is a really long episode, so there is no appearance/fact tonight.  Seriously, enjoy, though… these guys are great. 

Video from 1993 Junos  

Dressed as clowns and Andy at piano 



Ship and Dips V cruise, but it has Andy. 




Monster Squad Minute:   

available anywhere you download podcasts! 


Twitter.com/MonsterSquadMin  : @MonsterSquadMin 

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