Episode 144: In The Car

/ October 27, 2020/ Barenaked ABCs/ 0 comments

You know what BNL needs. An Indy Car. And over the radio, they need to play one song. This week’s song. The whole race. That guy will drive so fast to get out of the car. But is that just from the monotony or because this week’s song is that bad? And does Ali McBride agree with us? Listen to

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Episode 143: If I Had A Million Dollars (Part 2)

/ October 20, 2020/ Barenaked ABCs/ 0 comments

That’s right. We didn’t talk about this quintessential song enough last week, so we invited Steffan and Jeff to join us this week for their opinions. And since we didn’t have appearances last week, here are some: Appearances Intimate and Interactive https://youtu.be/Z-6aeP-H1fw House of Strombo after Junos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJlsCkNI2Ww Steven on QTV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mxoUzbUJonI Behind the Vinyl (Ed and Tyler) https://youtu.be/mtpG9W8v1cE Behind

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Episode 141: I’ll Be That Girl

/ October 6, 2020/ Barenaked ABCs/ 0 comments

This week we discuss the multiple implications that could have been Steve Squared’s inspiration for this song. Is the singer questioning?  Are you confused?  As Mary says in JCS, “Everything’s alright, everything’s fine.”  And hopefully you will feel the same about this episode!  Stunt  Demo version with a different second verse  Live from Seattle on Au Naturale tour  Video  Tynyspencer  Steven playing

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