Episode 131: I Don’t Like

/ July 28, 2020/ Barenaked ABCs/ 0 comments

I love doing this podcast, but you know what I don’t like.  Well, listen to this episode to find out what Steven and Ed don’t like, and we might just share our dislikes a little as well  Snacktime! version  Appearance / Letters  Thank you to Trevor Cox for finding the “Chocolately” cover of “Burned” by Neil Young 

Episode 130: I Don’t Get It Anymore

/ July 21, 2020/ Barenaked ABCs/ 0 comments

I used to get self-conscious writing these intros.  I worried that people wouldn’t like them. But I don’t get it anymore. So come hear what we have to say about this week’s song.  Stop Us  Bathroom Sessions  Appearance 

Episode 129: I Can, I Will, I Do

/ July 14, 2020/ Barenaked ABCs/ 0 comments

I’m not feeling very capable this week to write the intro.  But I keep telling myself that I Can, I Will, and I Do.  Although I’m not sure why I say the last part because it sounds pretty weird.  But that is what this week’s song does to me.  This week we are joined by the pop-culture anthropologist, Ali McBride! 

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Episode 128: I Can Sing

/ July 7, 2020/ Barenaked ABCs/ 0 comments

Barenaked Ladies sometimes likes to state the obvious.  And this week, we discuss them doing just that, in song form. Joining us is Marc from Ghostman Radio Podcast!  Sorry about the audio. We had some significant internet difficulties.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3tUSX3tMKto (snacktime)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLf1IuuyEiE (with persuasions)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSTHlOR-erA  (Bathroom sessions)  Appearance  Lots of concert versions of this, but I like this one, where you have the camera on

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