Episode 74: Every Subway Car

/ June 11, 2019/ Barenaked ABCs/ 2 comments

Episode 74: Every Subway Car 

Personally, I like Subway.  Forget Jared, the sandwiches are great. And obviously Ed loves to have his sandwiches delivered directly to him because this week we discuss “Every Subway Car”.  But did someone forget to tell me that Subway delivers? Ed knew about this project before I did.  Weird.   



StArT Program Toronto 


Toronto Street Art 

Montreal / Quebec graffiti art (under highway tressels) 

If you haven’t downloaded already 


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  1. I must take issue with all of you on this one. I absolutely love this song, it’s one that I actively seek out, and belt out when driving. Easy 4.5.

    Feels fun, and in my opinion is an “edgier” sound. I’m not gonna say they sound like a hard rock band, but it has a certain crunch to the music that I really dig when BNL brings that sound.

    First lines are fine, I feel they set the tone for how long this guy has been tagging her face on cars for the world to see. His backpack is worn and old, but covered in his medium, and still works like new for its purpose. I believe the part about being underground at the turnaround is not that he is painting the walls of the turnaround, but rather that this is also where the trains are parked for the night. He’s found a “pristine” canvas down there with all the stopped trains, and he lets loose on them all.

    Just my two sense, and I must apologise for yelling at you all when you gave scores lower than 4’s.

    1. No… please yell! Be passionate about BNL!

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