Episode 88: Fun and Games

/ September 24, 2019/ Barenaked ABCs/ 0 comments

Fun and Games  We are finishing up the Fs (another letter down!) and we are having a great time discussing Ed’s most political son so far “Fun and Games”. We have a guest, Becca, join us at the end, so we get a gender balanced review this week  Original  Also bathroom sessions version  Appearance  As people know, we skipped “Faith”

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Episode 87: Fox On The Run

/ September 16, 2019/ Barenaked ABCs/ 0 comments

Episode 87: Fox on the Run   No, we are not taking on the major networks.  We aren’t cable.  We are a podcast.  Where we discuss Barenaked Ladies songs alphabetically.  Wait.  BNL covered “Fox On The Run” and then they were on the Fox network…. coincidence???  Live from the Horseshoe in Toronto 1991 (that was later turned into the “Hello

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Episode 86: Four Seconds

/ September 9, 2019/ Barenaked ABCs/ 0 comments

We were having major audio problems this week, so luckily we got this episode done in time.  I would say with Four Seconds to spare.  We are without Aaron and Michelle (except via satellite), but luckily we have Jeff Whitmire, straight off his album release, which you can buy on Bandcamp or iTunes (https://jeffwhitmire.bandcamp.com/album/deep-fried-superhero).  I highly recommend you go out

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Episode 85: For You

/ September 3, 2019/ Barenaked ABCs/ 0 comments

Episode 85: For You  We love doing this podcast.  But sometimes we have to hold back a little bit.  You don’t know everything about us. And those secrets are what keep our relationship healthy?  Right?  I mean, we are being this way FOR YOU.  It’s in your best interest.  Okay.  Can you just forget I said this since you can’t

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