Episode 32: Born Human

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Episode 32: Born Human 

Aren’t we all born human?  I suppose?  Am I making a false assumption here?  We are all born human, right?  I don’t think we have any wolves listening tonight.  But we do have a special guest, Saker from the “it’s All Been Done” podcast.  How many possible theories about this song can we come up with?  We examine both versions of the song and, yes, get a little of topic at times.   

Version from “Pinch Me” 



Kevin Hearn and Thin Buckle playing song live in Boston (although it is slightly different than the album version from “Night Light”) 




Don’t abandon us and make us go out into the deep dark woods of podcasting, but please do listen to Saker and Evan over at It’s All Been Done, anywhere you get podcasts, as well as



These guys are seriously funny. 

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