Since starting this webpage on Jan. 2, 2018, we have already received reviews of our work.  Here are just a few:

Ezzy Gazzette

“Explosive entertainment. These guys really gave the Emperor the shaft and exposed what is really under those robes.  And it wasn’t pretty. Unlike stormtroopers, they never miss a shot.   I know, that pun was Forced.  But everything they say is true.” 

Gordon Entertainment Monthly

“There is no Fake News here. Barenaked ABCs review every Barenaked Ladies songs, even All Their Greatest Hits. They explore everything and they know a lot.  They weren’t Born yesterday and they are no Maroons.  And they will be known by everyone, All In Good Time.  They have Everything For Everyone: humor, education, entertainment. You need to know that these guys are great.   And they definitely Are Men. Okay.  I’ll Stop, you’ve all Heard This One Before.  It’s Snacktime anyway.  I need to get home, but I’m tired.  Maybe You Should Drive?”