Episode 13: Another Heartbreak

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Tonight we will be discussing “Another” Kevin Hearn song: “Another Heatbreak”, off the 2010  album “All In Good Time”. Who is this Michael Phillip Wojewoda and why is he important? Who are Corky and the Juice Pigs? Why are we talking about people who aren’t in Barenaked Ladies?  Will Bubbles the chimp liv…. wait.  That’s “Another” song.

If you don’t own the album, here is the song being played live on the CMT Special ‘On the Lookout’ Nov 22 2010  


As well as an acoustic version


Kevin on the Corky and the Juice Pigs  1994 album “Pants”  

This has Kevin There is a Juice Pig live show from Ottawa. Kevin plays and sings on that 

I was talking with Phil and Greg of the band earlier this week.  It was really cool.  These guys are amazing.  Listen to all their stuff. 


Lou Reed parody with Kevin on it.  (of course, we’ll discuss how Kevin played with Lou for many years later) 


Plugs: I do encourage everyone, if they don’t already, to listen to the original, and finished, alphabetical podcast, Alphabetical.  


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