Episode 12: Angry People

/ March 20, 2018/ Barenaked ABCs/ 2 comments

Tonight’s song incites rage.  We have a full out argument about Angry People, our first song off Barenaked Ladies are Men (BLAME).  

“Angry People” live 



How I Met Your Mother in 2012.  “P.S. I Love You” (7:45) 


Don’t forget: March 25 BNL with Steven Page is being honored at the Juno Awards by inducting them into the Canadian Hall of Fame.  Watch here at: www.cbcmusic.ca/junos  

Tonight’s background music was “Fun-Tastic” by Dominic Schwarter at Shutterstock

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  1. I was really surprised by the discussion on this song. For me, it’s one of the best and most memorable songs from the BLAM/BLAMe era, so I was taken aback that it was so reviled. This is a throwback to the “fun” songs for me, and some clever wordplay plus Steven making some social or political commentary.
    Also, I really wish people would cut the HIMYM ending some slack. (SPOILER ALERT: In case anyone still hasn’t seen the ending) Ted winding up with Robin always was the only ending that made sense. It was the obvious end from the pilot episode, it just took a long, meandering story to get there. I’m glad he found love with “the mother” in the meantime, but as the kids said in the finale, it’s obvious that he should be with Robin. (I hope I’m not banned from the podcast now)

    1. Definitely not! I enjoyed this song, as I recall. Not highest on my list, but I (Tracy) like it. I wavier on the ending of HIMYM. There are days that I totally love the end of that series and other days that I feel like Barney should have ended up with her. But you are far from banned. Write in anytime!

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