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Episode 8: Allergies   This week we review another song from the 2008 “Snacktime” album. We get to hear Tyler writing and singing.  We have a few “celebrity” guests drop in, but don’t worry, they can’t hurt you over the radio waves.

BNL playing at the Oak Brook, IL Borders in front of kids with a girl holding the book for Tyler 


BNL playing Allergies  during the Ships And Dip V  cruise on 2/2/09 Part of the second to last cruise for Steve 


 This Day in history: Feb. 20, 2010: BNL played at the Nathans Phillips Square in Toronto as part of the Vancouver Olympic Celebration 

One Week with Kevin 


Busking on the street: Life In A Nutshell 


Fallin For the First Time 



Interview as part of bump for Snacktime in Parents Canada magazine 



Plug: Unofficial Barenaked Ladies 


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  1. This podcast stinks. You guys really need to improve the sound quality and incessant giggling. You make a show about a topic I’m interested in virtually unlistenable!!

    1. Wow… ok. Thank you for the comment. As the editor, can you give me some constructive feedback about the audio? I would really like to fix the problem. I am new at editing so it is important to me to improve the quality of the show in any way that I can. Any other constructive criticism you have would be very welcome.

  2. Happy to give constructive feedback. Almost every episode I’ve listened to has had feedback from the mics. The sound quality, particular from “Bobby”, is poor. When he starts to talk, you can hear audible distortion. It’s very distracting. As far as the sophormoric jokes, that’s a content problem that could be easiest fixed if you wanted (again, Bobby is the main offender in this area).

    1. Thank you for the feedback. I heard that problem (and saw it on the editing program) but was trying to fix it with some editing magic. It wasn’t working and I couldn’t hear it on my speakers. Let me know if the problem with Bobby’s (and my) mics continue. I think I have found the problem and we are a few weeks ahead in production right now, so it didn’t get “solved”(if the problem is accurate) until Aluminum, which is up tomorrow. As far as the sophomoric jokes, we’ll that is Bobby’s sense of humor, which I love. I hope it is not too offensive to you that you will stop listening.

    2. Thank you for the feedback. Bobby is on hiatus (his choosing due to show-external issues) and we have worked significantly on the microphone issues. if you would like to try one of our newer episodes, please let us know if you have feedback.

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