Episode 94: Globetrot

/ November 11, 2019/ Barenaked ABCs/ 0 comments

As we blast out of docking bay 94 on our way to explore the globes of the galaxy, we will be without Aaron and Michelle this week, who are doing some globetrotting of their own. We will continue on with our global tour of guests. Joining us to discuss “Globetrot” this week are the Amateur Nerds: Tyler and Chandra Boudreau from several podcasts now.  We have a lot of fun this week, with no jet lag.


The song “Globetrot” on YouTube 


In The Studio – talking about Tyler while Globetrot plays in the background 

I’m not just a drummer… I’m also a percussionist 


You can hear Chandra and Tyler on “Fantastic Mr. Fox Minute” podcast, as well as the “Evil Podcast of Evil” podcast (out soon), which you can get anywhere that podcasts are downloaded. 

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