Episode 83: Food Party

/ August 20, 2019/ Barenaked ABCs/ 2 comments

I love me a potluck. Bring all the good stuff.  But do they call it a food party in Canada? Let’s talk about this and more, like who is Antoine Corbijin? And since this is a short song, let’s talk about a lot of things food related as well. 


Steven Page – Your Last Meal 


17 best traditional Canadian foods 


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  1. Just wanted to chime in and say you’ve definitely identified the right Anton Corbijn. I’d never heard this song before, but laughed immediately at recognizing the name that’s ultra familiar to U2 and Depeche Mode who go as hard-core for those bands as you do for BNL!

    1. I’m glad that you agree! Sometimes we are swinging in the wind, but it’s good to know I hit the piñata this time.

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