Episode 71: Elf’s Lament

/ May 20, 2019/ Barenaked ABCs/ 0 comments

Episode 71: Elf’s Lament 

Ever wanted to know what it sounds like when a person throws away their pride and humility? Make sure you listen to the end of this week’s episode. There is my lament about doing this episode. But first, listen in to hear Blake Reilly from several Filling The Void Podcast Network’s shows talk about the Christmas [should be a classic] “Elf’s Lament.  We are sorry to say that Aaron can’t join us. He will be lamenting missing this episode, just like Michelle is lamenting showing up to hear my bad jokes.  Fun times for all! 

Fan made video 


(santa playing bongos in the background, roberto) 


Ed’s guitar pick 




And hear Aaron and Blake on Episode 7 of D5: Mighty Ducks podcast 


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