Episode 55a: Crazy

/ January 31, 2019/ Barenaked ABCs/ 0 comments

I accidentally uploaded the wrong file this week. It seems that iTunes won’t fix the error unless I make another post. So here is the correct post for the week. Sorry everyone

Episode 55: Crazy 

This week’s song is going to drive me crazy.  Is it two songs? Is it three? Is it one?  Are there really voices in the background, or are they all just in my head?  What are they saying?  Please listen this week and let us know on Facebook or www.bowlingstormtrooperentertainment.com to give us what you know.By the way, after note, the versions on Variety Recordings and Barenaked Recess do not have the “jam session” or “Dat Fodder”. You should listen… very different. 

Original audio from Barenaked Recess (go to 22:25) 

Original Audio from Variety Recordings (go to 15:24) 

Original audio from Gordon 

Bathroom Sessions 


Intimate and interactive 1994 

Tyler being crazy 



Worst Soccer Mom Ever 

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