Episode 19: Baby Seat

/ May 15, 2018/ Barenaked ABCs/ 0 comments

Tonight is a big night.  We move into the Bs!!!! Now that we are out of the A’s, we feel that we are out of the baby phase, maybe into the toddler phase.  It is time for us to get out of the baby seat.  And tonight we discuss Baby Seat. Aaron starts referencing music all over the place.  This song is drum heavy and so is this episode at times.  We name drop so many names, basically everyone who has ever lived is now invited on the show.15


The song that Aaron was talking about is “4 Chords” by Axis of Awesome.  Coincidentally, “Auld Lang Syne” is also with those 4 chords. 



Junos award 2002  



Background music: Thank you to Epidemic.com.  The song was “Nothing To Lose 3” by Johan Svensson 

Appearances song is “Inglewood” by k.d. Lang. 

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