Episode 16: Another Spin

/ April 17, 2018/ Barenaked ABCs/ 2 comments

Tonight we try another spin at another Another song. It is Another Spin, another song off the 2007 album Barenaked Ladies are Men (BLAME)  


Kevin can be heard on the Rheostatics live album “Calling Out The Chords Vol 1.”  when he was performing with the band.  he can be heard on “I Am Drumstein”, “Boxcar Song”, and “Kevin’s Waltz” “Weiners and Beans”  It was only released in digital format, so if you have a copy of it, please send it along to us at Barenakedabcs@gmail.com.   



Again, please listen to our friends over at the “Weird Al” phabet (see last week’s liner notes).   

We would love to get postcards with Chimpanzeees from you (or just emails) at BarenakedABCs@gmail.com or on FB at facebook.com/BNLpodcast. 

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  1. This show is terrible. Just listened to the Another Spin episode. Bobby seems to be a petulant child. What a weirdo.

    By the way, Another Spin is a great song!

    1. Sorry you don’t enjoy the show. If you have some feedback we can build on, we would love to hear it.

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