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Welcome to Barenaked ABCs, where we review each Barenaked Ladies song alphabetically. What does ABCs stand for?  Alphabetical Barenaked (Ladies) Catalog, because we will cover the whole thing.  Tonight’s song is “20/20 Hindsight” from the 2017 album: Fake Nudes.  


In today’s episode, we will: 

Get super nerdy about bands losing a member 

Explore the deepest of questions: is a band still the same band after a member leaves? 

Discuss a band that isn’t really a band (Yukon Kornealius) 



Ed Robertson as part of Yukon Kornealius.  There are numerous videos on YouTube from their three concerts. 


“Don’t Fear The Reaper” with Jason Biggs,   Vail, CO  2009  



Careless Whisper  



Highway to Hell  


Miss You  



Rockin In the Free World  



Extra interview on Children of Winter DVD  



Lyle Robertson (son) on guitar for Pinch Me  



Adam and Ed talking about Okima, VT.  Just little quips  


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  1. Great posting friend. Will be back to read more.

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