Episode 186: A Message To You, Rudy 

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Bobby came back because he has a personal message that he wants to send out to Rudolph Guilianni.  Just kidding.  But Bobby and Steffan do join me to talk about this deep cover.  Appearance  Special song for Scarborough Day  Original  The Specials  BNL cover 

Episode 185: McDonalds Girl

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Episode 185: McDonalds Girl  We have the extreme honor of talking with the writer and originator of McDonalds Girl, Dean Friedman, wihle we discuss the Barenaked Ladies cover of this song!  And please join us in welcoming new cohost, Heidi!  McDonalds Girl (Dean Friedman)  BNL cover  Lyrics  Where did the menu list breakdown come from?  A 1981 commercial  Blender’s version  Blender’s Dance

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Episode 184: A Quick Break To Jam

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We have a great guest/interview coming up, but we have to wait a week for it to happen. And since I can’t speed up time, I thought this would be a great time to take a break and introduce you to some of Aaron and Jeff’s work. Jeff Whitmire can be found here: Music | Jeff Whitmire (bandcamp.com) Aaron’s band

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Episode 183: Maybe You’re Right

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It’s been a while since we had Aaron?  He was just on last week, but maybe you’re right.  Because he is missing again this week. But we have Heidi Welsh joining us to discuss “Maybe You’re Right”.  Listen in to decide if we are right about our opinions about this song.  Original  Acoustic (All New Revue – Live at the

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Episode 182: Maybe Not

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You thought we would be talking about the new BNL music?  Well, Maybe Not.  Okay.  Definitely not.  We are talking about “Maybe Not” with Josh from JBJ Podcasts.  We are hoping that you will enjoy it.    Original  Bathroom sessions  Appearance  In recognition of the upcoming Olympics, Tyler and 3 time Olympic gold medalist Meghan Agosta talking on Sports Net  https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/conversation-meghan-agosta-tyler-stewart-gold-medals-platinum-records/