Episode 159: The King of Bedside Manor

/ February 16, 2021/ Barenaked ABCs/ 0 comments

Aaron is sick this week, so we don’t have him.  But Erik agreed to step in and help, since he has good bedside manner.  One might say he is the king of it.  So join Steffan, Erik and myself as we discuss “King of Bedside Manor” 


Ships and Dip 3 (Not the best but they are having fun, especially Tyler) 

King of Bedside Manor – BNL 

From the Barenaked Ladies’ sailaway concert aboard the NCL Dawn (Ships & Dip 4 – 06 feb 2011) 

Bathroom Sessions 

Barenaked Ladies- Bedside Manor [Bathroom Sessions] 

Hello City 

The King of Bedside Manor 

Buck Naked 

Live during Maroon tour in LV (sung a little differently by steven, so some new energy) 

Not really an appearance but this is amazing 

If Blink 182 Wrote “One Week” (Barenaked Ladies) 

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