Episode 150: It’s All Been Done

/ December 8, 2020/ Barenaked ABCs/ 0 comments

We’re at episode 150.  Is there anything original for us to say?  Or have we said it all before?  I think we have an original take on this song, so we’ll prove Steven wrong, that it hasn’t all been done.  And who better to join us on such a discussion than the pop culture anthropologist, Allison McBride?  


Title song for Baby Blues TV show 

It’s All Been Done with David Duchovny playing an egg shaker on Leno 

It’s All Been Done on Conan (5 years after their first US appearance on Conan’s second week of the show) 

Steven playing the song after the Junos 

Steven and the Odds and Kevin 

Horseshoe Tavern / April 29, 2015 

BNL on Good Morning America (several songs and interview in the middle) 

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