Episode 149: Is Somebody Singing

/ December 1, 2020/ Barenaked ABCs/ 0 comments

Sorry for that incredibly annoying screeching sound.  I’m sure you were asking “Is a crow being strangled somewhere?”  You really should have asked “Is somebody singing?” because the answer is “yes… it was me”.  Luckily I don’t sing this week, but listen to us discuss BNL singing with Chris Hadfield, as we talk with writer/actor Jimmy Kustes. 

Live performance of ISS 

See Jimmy’s movie at: www.bodyswapmovie.com 


Chris Hadfield talking about how a Canadian guitar ended up at the ISS.  He also talked about wanting to sing with a school but they haven’t figured out how yet.  Also the challenges of playing weightless. 


Canada Day celebration concert 2013 (just Ed and Chris, but Chris sings in Quebecois) Chris’s voice is haggard, but there is probably a reason 

SelfieCamJam 2020 (excellent version for BNL harmonies) 

How did this never happen? 


Hadfield interviewed by Kirk 


Hadfield covering “Major Tom” while in space 

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