Episode 129: I Can, I Will, I Do

/ July 14, 2020/ Barenaked ABCs/ 0 comments

I’m not feeling very capable this week to write the intro.  But I keep telling myself that I Can, I Will, and I Do.  Although I’m not sure why I say the last part because it sounds pretty weird.  But that is what this week’s song does to me.  This week we are joined by the pop-culture anthropologist, Ali McBride! 

Stop Us If You Heard This Before version 

BLAMen version 

PLUGS!!!!  Follow Ali on Twitter and YouTube and join her at the Discord 



(if this discord link doesn’t work, go to Steven’s website and enter through there) 


Interview around “Are Men”  with “CBC The Hour” 

Also, Ed has a pretty amazing guitar part on this song.  Here is TheHypo teaching you how to play the guitar part 


Also, a Wurlitzer Organ is an amazing thing, even if I didn’t like the one used tonight, it makes tons of others, so here is a great video about this amazing instrument 

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