Episode 95: Go Home

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Episode 95: Go Home 

We still don’t have Aaron.  He decided he’s had enough of me and decided to Go Home. Michelle decided to Go Home this week too. Since we are without my compatriots, I have the boss of our home network, Blake Reilly. But don’t you Go Home.  Unless you are on your way back from work.  Then by all means, Go Home.  But why are you reading this? Instead, download this episode and listen to it while you are driving. (Also, I edited the episode with belief Aaron might be able to get his thoughts to us. Unfortunately, it was not to be this week.  But I didn’t have time to edit it out.  Sorry, folks.  I hop you enjoy the jokes though.) 


Go Home 

Cover: Cornbread Red   on Pinch my bluegrass 

Beautiful bluegrass version, which is a little slower, but gorgeous all the same.  It’s not a build on the original, but a nice cover. 

Tyler Herrin 


Live on Ships and Dips 3 finishing the take off concert 

With a wonderful pre-song discussion between Steve and Ed about Ben Mink 

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