Episode 89: Gangster Girl

/ October 1, 2019/ Barenaked ABCs/ 0 comments

We have a very special guest tonight. The man who made tonight’s song possible.  The one that the song was written for (and based on some of his “Kids In The Hall” skits, maybe about?)… the one and only Dave Foley!  Join us as he discusses how “Gangster Girl” came to exist. If you aren’t familiar with Kids In the Hall, or maybe just want a walk down the hallway of Dave’s work, check out our liner notes below. 

Gangsta Girl snippets 


PLUGS (go see Dave doing “Whose Live Anyway” in Portland, OR) 


If you don’t know KITH, and why don’t you, then  


Dave Foley and Kevin McDonald were on the last “Ships and Dips” Cruise 

Kids In The Hall – “Can’t Kill Rock / Jazz Flute” 

Newsradio season 3, ep. 5 – Dave in drag at Halloween party (at 12:30) 

“Case of the Three Sided Dream” 

Kids In The Hall – “Sarcastic Man” 

Fallout New Vegas – Dave Foley “Yes Man” 

Special ending 

Dave on “Hot In Cleveland” (since I couldn’t find a good “Dr. Ken” snippet) 

Dave Foley on “Maron” 

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