Episode 80: The Flag

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Episode 80: The Flag 

I give up.  I can’t figure out a way to introduce this week’s podcast.  I am waving the white flag to writer’s block.  Oh wait… nope.  Writer’s block is two weeks down the road. We have Aaron but don’t have Michelle.  I hope that she hasn’t waved the checkered flag and ended her part of the podcast. Just enjoy this week’s episode “The Flag” with special guest Tyler Boudreau of the Fantastic Mr. Fox Minute. 

Barenaked Ladies-Gordon-The Flag – YouTube 

1995 Interview by Joe Johnson 

during an appearance at the Royal Oak Music Theater is Royal Oak, Michigan. The rest of the band was doing sound checks during the interview, which explains all the loud noises during the interview. 

Safe Horizon 

  • Or call NYC’s 311 
  • In an emergency, call 911 


You can find Tyler on the Fantastic Mr. Fox Minute podcast anywhere you get podcasts! 

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