Episode 78: Falling For The First Time

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Episode 78: Falling for the First Time 

Help… I need somebody…. not just any body.  You know I need someone…. wait.  Wrong song.  But thinking of falling reminds me of that song. Interestingly enough, I do discuss different Beatles songs with our guest this week, Jeff Whitmire!  I am so happy to have him on and not just because we are without Michelle and Aaron this week (although they do chime in with their thoughts).  But Jeff is so interesting, that I don’t even miss them.  And I’m a bad boy for breaking her heart.  Wait… that’s also a different song about falling.  I am digressing, so let’s just get on with the show. 

This was the first thing that came to mind when Michelle was talking: 


I love it. Harlan Williams.  Theft 

Bathroom Sessions 

Clear Channel’s “Recommend Not to Play” list 


Plug: Please go buy Jeff’s new album coming out in August: Deep Fried Superhero!  And while you are waiting go subscribe to his YouTube page 



Cornbread Red from their album “Pinch My Bluegrass” 


BNL on The Apprentice 

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