Episode 73: Eraser

/ June 3, 2019/ Barenaked ABCs/ 0 comments

Welcome.  It’s for you.  You’ve just been erased.  Expect to see Kevin Hearn and gang at your house in the next 2 minutes. Do not answer the door unless the person gives you the passcode “Barenaked ABCs”.  Your response should be “Snacktime!” If they respond with anything but “the best children’s album ever” (or if you see Arnold Schwartzenegger through the keyhole), then run and hide in the paper box we have placed in your basement. Draw us a picture of your worst fears, but make sure it is in pencil so we can erase that too.  To soothe your nerves, while you are riding away with Kevin, Ed, Jim, and Tyler, they will put on this week’s episode of Barenaked ABCs for you.  We will be discussing Eraser.   



Extra long hold on first note. 

Just before Steven left

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