Episode 52: Conventioneers

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Episode 52:  Conventioneers 

Tonight we discuss lounge lizards at San Diego ComicCon…. or maybe it is just the song Conventioneers. We invite more people on the show (@WilliamShatner, @BenFolds) and discuss which BNL member we would have our one night stand with.  Well, okay, the last one is a lie.  Our significant others might not be happy with that last discussion.  But I had so much fun editing the end of this one that I couldn’t breathe at one point.  I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. 

Original song 

Ladies Room Vol. 5  (Answering Machine by Ed and Jim, but more importantly the Bird Poop Rap) 

This version is different than any other rap that they usually do. 


Travis and Vic’s Drunk Horror Adventures  

Ben Folds – “In Love” with William Shatner 

Black Hole Sun cover by Steve and Eydie 

Richard Cheese – Welcome To The Jungle 

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