Episode 46: Care Less

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Episode 46: Care Less 

We hope that you care about our podcast. If you do, please let us know.  This week it is just Michelle and I and we couldn’t care less where Aaron is, because he belongs here with us. But we make do without him and discuss two rare tunes by BNL this week.  We dove deep deep deep into the archive this week.  

Also, Michelle develops a new drinking game: #EffortlessDrinkingGame 

You know what we do care about?  Giving Thanks for all the great things we have.  So next week we will spending our time Caring about all the things we are thankful for, as we take a week off to gear up for our Christmas in December project.   

“Care Less” On Buck Naked 



The “Buck Naked” tape (newly uploaded for better audio by bnlhttp.com) 



The Alternate recording for a live show in Toronto, ON 06/15/91 




Bnlhttp.com to download a copy of the live version of “Care Less” or “Careless Whisper” 


Last occurrence of covering “Careless Whisper” by George Michael (of Wham!) with Steven: Ships and Dips IV, Jan 31, 2008 

Switches to color on last chorus. 



Live in NYC 2004 doing “Careless Whisper” 



Yukon Cornelius (you get to see Ed on drums) doing “Careless Whisper” 



Also covered by Steven Page for the White Ribbon Benefit, which I will come back to in the future 



Rock N’ Beards 


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