Episode 43: Canadian Snacktime Trilogy – Snacktime

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Episode 43: Canadian Snacktime Trilogy: Snacktime 

It’s Halloween!!!  And guess what we in the USA talk about at Halloween.  SNACKS!!! CANDY!!  And BNL music about Snacks and Candy!!!!   NO  Not Sex and Candy. SNACKS!  As in Snacktime!  And this week we discuss “Snacktime” with the guys from the Monster Squad Minute.  That’s right. We talk with the Monster Squad Minute men (yes, I called them Minute men) on Halloween. 




The band talks about the Tragically Hip , why they don’t remember opening for them even though they did, Kevin’s memory of trying to record a piece of Coke Machine Glow while there was a party downstairs. 




Monster Squad Minute (available anywhere you download podcasts) 



@MonsterSquadMin on Twitter 

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