Episode 31: Boomerang

/ August 7, 2018/ Barenaked ABCs/ 1 comments

You came BACK!  You seem to keep doing that.  And for that we thank you.  This week we discuss an object that, if thrown right, keeps coming back.  Welcome to “Boomerang” week.  This week, during our Summer of Bs (#SummerofBs), we have another guest: Victor from Unofficial: Barenaked Ladies.  We discuss “Where was Ed?” during our Summer of ’88 section.  


Official Lyric Video (Clearwater version of song) 



Official Video (Endert version) 



Boomerang – Live version (acoustic) 



Zac Maloy – co-writer of this song, was with The Nixons.  Here was their biggest hit: 

“Sister” off their first album Foma.  Their sound is nothing like this one. 



Solo version from live in concert of just Zac:  




Unofficial: Barenaked Ladies 



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  1. A little harsh on Semisonic there! Sure, that song is pretty poppy, but it’s meant to be a party tune, and it’s great at that.

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