Episode 25: Be My Yoko Ono

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Episode 25: Be My Yoko Ono 

Welcome back to Barenaked ABCs.  And a big welcome back to always friend, and automatic member of the podcast, Bobby.  This week, we cover one of the most influential songs the band has ever created. And, just as you never knew what Yoko was going to do next, we are very spontaneous in this episode.  But man, did we have fun. 



Speaker’s Corner 



“Official” Be My Yoko Ono video 



Song was used on “Big Bang Theory” 



I want to apologize in advance. We were having audio problems this week, so I had to bump up the audio and compress it.  In the process, there are people talking in the background that became amplified, so you can hear them a little.  I was not able to fully diminish the effect, especially since it is 1+ hours this week.  


This show is my Yoko Ono. It means a lot to me.  So we always want to hear constructive criticism on how to improve the show.  We love to know when people are listening to the show, like Tyler Harper.  So please send us electronic postcards by visiting us on Facebook or Twitter at Barenaked ABCs, visiting us at Bowling Stormtrooper Entertainment.com, or writing us the barenaked truth of the matter at BarenakedABCs@gmail.com.  

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