Episode 20: Back

/ May 22, 2018/ Barenaked ABCs/ 0 comments

Welcome “back” to the Barenaked ABCs, where tonight’s song is “Back”, a B-side on the “Brian Wilson 2000” CD. We discuss this rare “B-side” and if it should have been more. 


“Back” – YouTube “video” of this song.  Not a real video, but a fan-made one. 



Appearance / Facts: 

Junos award 2002  







We look forward constructive criticism on how to improve the show, or just add to our discussion.  So please send us electronic postcards by visiting us on Facebook or Twitter at Barenaked ABCs, visiting us at Bowling Stormtrooper Entertainment.com, or writing us the barenaked truth of the matter at BarenakedABCs@gmail.com.  Also, if you are from Canada, especially the Scarborough area, we would love to have you on to discuss your experience with being in that town, espeically if you went to the same school as the boys. 

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