Episode 4: A Word For That

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Episode 4: “A Word For That” (Clean)

This is the clean version.  The full version will be available soon. Also, there was a problem with my microphone that I could not fix, so I apologize in advance. Before the Episode begins, Michelle and Tracy share an exciting announcement.

Tonight, in the episode proper, we discuss this song from the 2008 Snacktime children’s album.  We play a little word game and discuss why the band did a children’s album.  Below you will find the two plugs of the band doing the song live, the link for the interview about being parents, 3 songs from the band playing at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, and Aaron’s plug. 

Oak Brook, IL Borders in front of kids with a girl holding the book for Tyler  



Allergies – Ships And Dip V – 2/2/09 Part of the second to last cruise for Steve  



Band is interviewed about being parents and making Snacktime 



One Week with Kevin  (2010 Olympics) 



Busking on the street: Life In A Nutshell (2010 Olympics) 



Fallin For the First Time (2010 Olympics) 



Aaron’s plug: 



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